We know all about Just Cause 3’s epic gameplay. But how does the game’s sandbox gameplay transition into a more mission-oriented structure? A new Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer shows it makes the transition just fine.

Whoever’s idea is what to give Rico a wingsuit, thank you. Just Cause 2’s parachute and grappling hook made getting around the world a breeze. Now a wingsuit with a grappling hook? That’s a match made in heaven.

The rest of the trailer has enough explosions to make Michael Bay blush.

The only bad thing I can say about Just Cause 3 right now is it won’t launch with a multiplayer mode. C’mon Avalanche Studios and Square Enix. You saw how much fans loved the multiplayer mod in Just Cause 2. Then again, I can understand why they may be hesitant. A dedicated multiplayer mode from Avalanche Studios would be held to a much higher standard than a modded one. Still, that mod was awesome.

Let’s just hope that Avalanche Studios is considering it for an update or a team of modders step up and deliver another epic mod.

The World of Just Cause 3

In a recent dev diary, the folks at Avalanche Studios talk about the island of Medici (where Just Cause 3 takes place) and the inspirations they used to create it.

The inspiration for Medici came from “the south of France and Greece and Spain, Corsica, Malta,” according to Game Director Roland Lesterlin. The dev team was looking for picturesque regions with beautiful landscapes. And then they give us the tools to blow it the hell up.

Art Director Zach Schlappi describes Medici as three distinct regions. One region is a mixture of wealthy and poor towns with tons of agriculture. Another region contains the majority of the military bases. It also has very poor fishing towns and classical ruins sprinkled throughout. Schlappi’s describes his favorite region as “it’s sort of our ‘Game of Thrones.’ A forested, rocky region in the north with a giant wall that divides the country.

As for gameplay in this massive world? Verticality is a buzzword we hear more and more in the gaming industry. But, I think we can all agree that Just Cause is the king of verticality. There aren’t too many games when you can grapple on top of an airplane and rain hell on enemies below as you buzz past buildings.

Check out the rest of the recent dev diary below.

Look, I know the next few months are going to hurt the bank account – but don’t sleep on Just Cause 3. It’s going to cap off a year full of great open-world games that brought us The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, GTA V (PC), Metal Gear Solid: V and Fallout 4 (coming in November).

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