Halo Infinite Season 3

The wait for Halo Infinite’s third season is nearly over. Dubbed Echoes Within, the latest drop of content was initially set for a release last fall before 343 Industries decided to delay it for several months. In its place, we got a smaller content drop in a “Winter Update.” That included a handful of maps and a smaller 30-level Battle Pass.

On March 7th, four new maps are entering the matchmaking pool. Here’s a quick breakdown of the map types before we dive into the trailer:

  • Oasis – Big Team Battle
  • Chasm – Arena
  • Cliffhanger – Arena
  • Art’s Room – Community Collection (Forge playlist)

Here’s the trailer.

While we now know 343 Industries isn’t focusing on mainline story content right now, we’re still getting story pieces via short cinematics with each season’s launch. We catch a glimpse of it at the start of this trailer. In case you missed it, here’s what we saw in Season 2. And it’ll give you an idea of what to expect cinematic-wise.

We also see a new weapon and equipment during the short montage of Oasis clips. The Bandit is a throwback to the DMR from Halo: Reach, and the Shroud Screen has the same functionality as a smoke grenade but with tech visuals. 

All the maps look good from the brief glimpses in the trailer. I like how Oasis looks much more open than the last Big Team Battle map we got (Breaker). Chasm and Cliffhanger also look like solid additions to the Arena map lineup. Art’s Room is another fantastic example of what the Forge community has been able to cook up since the toolset came out a few months ago. 

Halo Infinite’s Season 3 kicks off March 7 and will be the first season to stick to the original three-month schedule. It’ll wrap up on June 27, followed by the start of Season 4. It’s taken a while for 343 Industries to hit the post-launch cadence they initially aimed for. Hopefully, Halo Infinite can settle into regular drops of new content every three months.

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