This doesn’t scream originality, but Fox is busy building its Fall lineup with popular properties. One you may not have heard of before is Luther. Add this series to your Netflix list – it’s a must watch.

The UK series stars Idris Elba as brilliant cop with serious anger management issues. The Fox show will stay close the source, but will be recast as a cop drama. While purists will decry Fox’s move, adaptations of various shows have been successful. Strike Back on Cinemax immediately comes to mind.

Another Fox pilot will be Frankenstein. In development since October, the series will stray away from the Mary Shelley novel. Instead, expect a pilot about a morally corrupt cop brought back from the dead. This reminds me of the route they took with Gotham – Batman with no Batman.

Sci-fi continues its television resurgence with a series based on Minority Report. Based on the 2002 Spielberg film, the show is rumored to be a direct sequel of the film. Max Borenstein (Godzilla) has signed on for script duties.

Fox has also picked up Rosewood, a series that follows a Miami pathologist as he annoys/helps the female detective he works with. I’m guessing CSI crossed with a healthy dose of House. It’s lupus, I swear.

None of this is refreshingly original, but the shows have promise. Rosewood seems cookie-cutter at this point, but the right cast can make it a hit. Out of the four, Luther grabs my attention for potential, followed by Minority Report.

What are your thoughts on the pilot news? Hyped for any of the four?


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