Developers, please stop. I have way too many games to play. I don’t need to be revisiting old ones. But, Rockstar Games is making sure we all are going to be thinking about GTA Online this month.

The big news today? Freemode Events. Here’s the trailer.

Rockstar Games is taking GTA Online and streamlining it a bit. Freemode Events means new ways to play without the hassle of loading screens and lobbies. Just join freemode and jump right into the action.

The trailer above shows off a wide variety of events. The first is Penned In. The giant yellow circle is always moving, and you need to stay in it. Get knocked out for too long and you blow up.

Other events include King of the Castle – where you claim a designated ‘castle’ as your own and hold off everyone else. Hunt the Beast sees one player temporarily transform into a much faster, stronger character. Can you and everyone else work together long enough to bring the player down?

Stunt challenges have also been integrated into Freemode Events. Catching the most air in a land vehicle and popping the longest wheelie are just some of the challenges Rockstar is promising to bring with this month’s update.

So Freemode Events sound pretty damn awesome. But, there’s something else I’m even more excited for. A new adversary mode called Hunting Pack. Here’s how Rockstar describes it:

“You’re part of a team tasked to deliver a priority vehicle rigged to explode if it drops below a minimum speed, while your opponents race, ram and batter to take it down.”

So it’s basically this.

Speed movie

Hell yeah!

The Freemode Events update brings another adversary mode called Cross the Line. The Rockstar Editor is also making the jump from PC to Xbox One and PS4. You can read more about the Rockstar Editor features coming in this update here.

I’ve got some bad news for Xbox 360 and PS3 GTA V owners. GTA Online will not be receiving the Freemode Events update on these systems. Why? Rockstar North’s Director of Design Imran Sarwar cites the “memory capacity for the older systems,” in an IGN interview.

As for GTA Online’s future? “As long as people continue to play and enjoy GTA Online,” says Sarwar.

Check out the rest of IGN’s interview to learn more about GTA V’s DLC future including customization and single player (don’t expect it anytime soon).

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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