Those who aren’t a fan of slot machines are in luck. Konami has released a version of Frogger suitable for gambling. Frogger Get Hoppin’ is a skills-based game which allows players to wager money on their cat-like reflexes or lack thereof.

Mr. Holliday, what say you?

Tombstone may not the most historically accurate film, but damn you can’t beat that cast. And I’m sure Doc would try his hand at Frogger Keep Hoppin.’ Just say when.

Konami Frogger Get Hoppin gambling

The fusion of games and gambling is the latest by Las Vegas to bring the millennial crowds inside from the pools and pump money into something other than a fruit machine with pre-programmed odds.

Frogger Get Hoppin gambling

MGM Grand opened Level Up, a gamer-friendly lounge at its Vegas casino. It follows in the footsteps of the Nevada Gaming Commission loosening regulations to allow casinos to test new gambling methods. Konami’s new Frogger is already being showcased with a minimum $2 wager promising a chance to win “true skill-based cash rewards.” Doc always knew poker was an honest trade. Everything else, the odds were on the house.

If Frogger Keep Hoppin’ finds success, expect more skills-based games to hit casinos and more than a few hilarious news reports about how they are marketing gambling to kids. Context? Nah, it’s better to grab the pitchforks and keep the fake outrage moving along.

Oh, and those Frogger champions with absurd reflexes? Know when to fold ‘em. It’s still gambling, and casinos aren’t in the business of losing money.

What games do you see making the leap to gambling?

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