Frostpunk’s Icy Struggle is About to Become Endless

It looks like They Are Billions is about to have some company in my current RTS/city builder rotation. The folks over at 11 bit studios announced a new update for Frostpunk this weekend. Endless Mode responds to one of the main criticisms of the game. Fans wanted more.

Frostpunk brought its take on survival strategy to Steam earlier this year. Where They Are Billions pits you against hordes of infected, frigid weather (and how the last city on Earth reacts to it) is the enemy in Frostpunk.

Coming sometime in “a couple of days,” Endless Mode will be free for all Frostpunk owners. A brief dev diary dives into what’s included in the free DLC. There will be two modes: Serenity and Endurance. Serenity is for all the city builders out there who want to build, and not worry too much about the challenges the frozen wasteland offer. Endurance is the exact opposite. How long can you oversee the last city on Earth?

It sounds like 11 bit studios is going all out with this DLC. New buildings, new sites to be discovered, and fresh random events sprinkled across the icy landscape. Frostpunk fans are ready. From the developer:

In the time since it was announced, Endless Mode is the expansion we have seen the most about of feedback on through the forums, on Twitter, Facebook, and directly by email. In fact, while it was originally teased in the roadmap, the idea took hold with the community since the original launch of Frostpunk in April.

I know what I’ll be buying first when the next Steam sale rolls around.