What, you thought Disney would put a cash cow out to pasture? Frozen is making a short return to theaters via a six-minute short. And that’s not all. The Telegraph recently sat down with Idina Menzel, signer of ‘Let it Go,’ and asked her about the rumors surrounding the sequel and musical.

“That they’re all in the works,” she replied, “ha ha!” Disney may not have confirmed it yet, but it’s Disney. They enjoy hearing the registers ringing more than Mickey Mouse. Menzel said she’s not sure she will be involved in the stage musical, but is hopeful she will get billing in any sequel. Why not? She made the song ubiquitous across the world.

Frozen is the highest grossing animated movie of all time – raking in $1.27 billion over its 34-week run. Yeah, Disney has a money printer next to the studio. Animated films, Marvel and soon to be Star Wars. Slow clap for Disney. That’s just stupid money at this point.

As for the six-minute short, Disney is mum on what film it will precede, but expect it in the spring next year.

Fans hoping for a Frozen sequel will have to wait. Frozen writer and director Jennifer Lee is currently adapting Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time for Disney. After that, you can expect Disney execs to throw money at her to get Frozen 2 off the ground.

Other studios should start poaching Disney talent as quickly as possible. At the very least study the release schedules and start emulating the pattern. Looking at you DC. Comic book competition is great for moviegoers. Plus, Disney’s film division is approaching absurd levels.

We will update this post if we get 100% confirmation Frozen 2 is coming. Fans should look at the $1.27 billion number and essentially count on it happening. There’s no reason to let it go.


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