Roller coaster fans prepare yourself. The Carowinds amusement park in Charlotte, North Carolina is about to offer up some serious thrills. Or, in the case of me, some serious nausea and anxiety.

fury 325 roller coaster

Dubbed Fury 325 due to its max height of 325 feet, the roller coaster is set to open on March 28 to the general public. Standing 20 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty, the ride reaches a top speed of 95 mph. Add that in with the initial 81 degree drop, and you have yourself one hell of a ride.

Once it opens to the public, the park claims it will be the fastest and largest coaster of its type.

If you’re like me and hate roller coasters with a passion, you can check out a POV ride released by the amusement park. Side effect free, you get to experience what others call a thrill.

Personally, I will stick to the ground or water rides. For fans of roller coasters, add it to your bucket list. It looks insane. Check out the virtual ride below.

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