Who knows, this one might see the light of day. Fuze Card is currently storming up Indiegogo with over $600,000 raised. The concept is one we have heard before. See all that plastic in your wallet? What if you could put it onto a single card? That’s where Fuze comes in.

The issue people should have but obviously aren’t, is we’ve seen this story before. Hell, you can look at Fuze’s own comparison table:

fuze card comparison

Coin and Plstc are no more with both never getting off the ground. Swyp is in a wait list mode which isn’t exactly a boon for the idea.

But who knows? Could Fuze unlock what we all we want? It already has a quick turnaround ship date of July for the chipless card, and then an EMV chipped card slated to release in January 2018.

Fuze Card Specs

Each card is 0.03 inches thick, so damn close to a regular credit card. It can store up to 30 cards including credit, debit, rewards and membership cards. The e-paper display lets you toggle between the cards to make purchases or finally head to the gym. Yeah, you know that one is getting dusty.

The app allows for location tracking and remote wiping if the card is lost. Fuze’s battery life lasts for around a month, and each comes with a charger and portable battery bank for the travelers among us.

One-time transactions are protected by selecting a single card to use when the card loses its Bluetooth connection. The last thing you want is the waiter having all kinds of fun with your credit cards.

Fuze Card Indiegogo

Three options exist for those wanting to jump in and clean up your wallet. The $89 tier is the chipless Fuze card and ships in July. A chipped Fuze card will set you back $129 and ships in January. Those wanting both will have the shell out $169 for A Fuze card in July and the EMV chip card in January.

It’s one to watch for to see how it pans out. The company says it’s production ready and the funding they’ve already raised means they will have the cash to produce the cards. Now, will it work as promised and will we finally have a card to replace all of our other cards? Head over to Fuze’s campaign page to learn more.

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