We all knew they were coming. iPhone 7 cases with the 3.5mm headphone jack and a battery pack. Fuze is jumping into the crowdfunding arena with an Indiegogo campaign that has one hell of a promotional video.

While other companies have beaten the company to the punch, the campaign is the first to add the battery case. Considering all the peripherals and our insatiable need to watch Netflix on our phones, the extra juice is a nice addition.

And, it saves your grandmother. Nice brownie points in the video. It’s a risk like all crowdfunding, but the company is targeting December for shipping.

Fuze iPhone Case

In a nice touch, you can charge both your phone and the case at the same time using Sync-Through technology. Hell, you can even listen to your music at the same time. Take that Jony Ive.

Another feature is it charges via the Lightning. No extra micro-USB cables holding you back. And definitely no dongles. The battery in the case is dependent on the model. The iPhone 7 sees a 2,400mAh, while the larger iPhone 7 Plus enjoys a 3,600mAh rated battery.

fuze iphone 7 case

And you get to keep your headphones. Battery cases add bulk, but Fuze is promising to keep the profile as slim as possible – adding 5mm to the overall thickness and 2.9 ounces to the weight. Not bad.

Colors. The jet black that scratches easily can be wrapped in white, black, gold, rose gold or blue.

Price. It’s crowdfunding, so there are deals to be had for the risk. The cheapest early bird still available is $59 and once those are gone it jumps to $69.

Shipping. It’s Indiegogo, so treat ship dates with the knowledge Fuze is new to the game. The stated date is to have all the units in backer hands by December 23. Nice stocking stuffer for the holidays.

Fuze has set a goal of $60,000 for the campaign and is already past $17,000 with a month left. It’s a safe bet the company hits the goal. Then all eyes will be on the shipping timeframe.

One this is for sure. The promo video is spot on. It’s nice to see a company willing to poke fun at the target market. And they are right. We should have the choice of what we put in our ear holes…

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