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Intel to Fight Tech Diversity with $300 Million Investment

Intel is taking a hard look at diversity (lack of) throughout their company and the tech industry at large. At CES, the chipmaker announced a Diversity in Technology initiative. With a $300 million investment, Intel will encourage more diversity at Intel and the overall tech and gaming industries.

“Our goal with Intel technology is to help solve real problems and enable experiences that are truly desired by people and businesses. In order to do this, we must also do more to lead the growth of diversity and inclusion within the technology industry. Women and under-represented minorities will continue to play a greater role as consumers, influencers, creators and leaders,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

Did Amazon Just Spoil Batman: Arkham Knight’s Ending? It Looks Like It

Amazon might have accidentally revealed the game’s ending by publishing a picture of a statute included with the Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition.

I won’t reveal the spoiler here, but you can check out this Videogamer article if you want to see it. Amazon has replaced the image in question, so it does look like they spoiled a major plot point by accident.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC this June.

Another Halo: The Master Chief Collection Update. Maybe This One Will Fix The Game

It’s been about two months since the Halo: The Master Chief Collection released. And, it’s still pretty much broken. 343 Industries has announced another update is coming next week. This update “will address UI and a variety of other areas.”

The exact details of the update along with a final release date will come once the update passes certification.

The caretakers of Halo say “improving your experience with Halo: The Master Chief Collection remains our top priority.”


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