Game of Thrones is definitely in the category of shows that have extreme peaks and valleys. Last week’s episode was another set piece and should have been titled ‘A Show is Saving its Budget.’

But all isn’t lost. The showrunners at HBO are quickly moving the pieces in place to get the main players into Westeros. And it should culminate in the last two episodes of the season, starting with the Battle of the Bastards.

Here’s hoping the promo is everything we want and more:

In addition to the promo, HBO has released a series of photos from what David Benioff and Dan Weiss describe as the largest battle the show has ever shot. Hey, put it on par with Hardhome and consider the fans thrilled.

Tormund battle of the bastards

battle of the bastards jon snow main

jon snow battle of the bastards

The battle will pit Snow’s Wildling army against the Bolton force – led by the medieval Bond villain, Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay’s unhinged actions are over-the-top even for Game of Thrones, and I might miss the nut when, hopefully, Wun Wun smacks him down.

Ramsay battle of the bastards

battle of the bastards

wun wun battle of the bastards

battle of the bastards ser davos

HBO is confident in the episode, already submitted heavily for this year’s Emmys. In theory, that means we shouldn’t be sitting around the TV wondering why we are watching Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei waste five minutes trying to tell jokes.

In the stills and teaser, you see Snow’s army get surrounded, but let’s remember back to Sansa sending a raven somewhere. We know Brienne isn’t bringing the Blackfish back with her. The Brothers Without Banners don’t have enough men.

Who will we see riding in to save the day? Littlefinger and the Knights of the Vail. They are the only force large enough to smash against an already weakened Bolton force. We will see, but it’s been a couple of episodes since we’ve seen the masterful schemes of Baelish.

Sunday can’t come soon enough for Game of Thrones episode. It has felt like a season of episodes moving pieces around. A battle is finally here.

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