OK, everyone. We just finished season five of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t figured out your favorite characters on the show are not safe, you haven’t been paying attention.

Ah, the shocking finale for season five. Jon Snow cut down by his brothers of the Night’s Watch. The final scene is a lifeless Lord Commander bleeding into the snow. Holy shit…. Game of Thrones just killed Jon Snow. What is going on…

Wait a minute. Let me film myself while watching this shocking scene. Really? Either people are extremely narcissistic (definitely possible) or most are staged. Watch the video below (some NSFW language, so you’ve been warned).

See? Some might be legitimate reactions, but most are just people setting up their cameras for a YouTube video. Everyone is looking for a repeat of the magic of the Red Wedding. Casual fans knew Game of Thrones was brutal before that infamous scene, but the sheer suddenness and brutality shocked non-readers of the book.

It was the first scene book readers could sit back and watch the casual fans be completely blown away. Now with season five over and countless deaths later, the whole reaction videos just cheapen the experience.

Unless you live in some weird version of the Real World house, turn off your damn webcam. Watch the show and curse the Game of Thrones showrunners.

Oh, and pay attention. Our Lord Commander Jon Snow might be dead in that scene, but ‘dead’ is a very loose term in the Game of Thrones series. You don’t think Melisandre just rode into Castle Black on a horse for the hell of it, do you?

Maybe I’m just jaded towards the reaction videos for everything. I just can’t see people having cameras on themselves while watching Game of Thrones alone in a room.

And the vertical video uploads have to stop. Please, for everyone’s sanity.


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