The hype meter is about to peg 10. The official Game of Thrones Facebook page decided to light the Internet on fire with a 10-second teaser trailer. While it gets you excited for season five, many are questioning if we saw any actual new footage.

To see the footage, managers of the Facebook page have fans signing up with a cell phone number or Twitter account to receive ‘the power of the Sight.’ HBO has already promised a social media campaign with the ‘three eyed raven’ giving fans ‘visions’ of the upcoming season. You have to love brand continuity.

Most of the footage is old in the teaser, as it features Bran. In season 4, his storyline was caught up, so he will not be in the upcoming season. We do catch glimpses of Arya, who is heading to Braavos. Why? Well that’s spoiler central. You’ll have to wait till next year or start reading the books.

Another piece we did catch a glimpse of is a door. Yeah, we’re excited about a door. Only HBO could do this to us. There has been rampant speculation that Arya would get the ‘sight’ like her brother Bran. Yes, I know that’s trending into spoiler territory, but it’s lighting up the boards like Reddit.

Most think the door is Arya’s visit to a Braavosi temple. Which temple? Watch below and see for yourself.

How excited are you for the upcoming Game of Thrones season? If only network TV was this good. We are being spoiled by both cable and premium cable.


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