With the next generation consoles making the push into digital downloads, Gamefly is looking to expand its horizon. It has the base of fans who pay the extra for the mail order game rental service. So, the logical step is to tack on DVD and Blu-ray rentals to the service. Ride the wave out to its conclusion.

While the oft-heard criticism of Gamefly is the long wait times for new games, it is the only service on the block. Blockbuster’s planned service flamed out quickly as they quickly shut down the mail order side of the business and their brick and mortar stores. Remember Qwikster? Yeah, Netflix hopes you never do either. That was a planned games and movies by mail service. That idea was quickly shelved, and now Netflix is the darling of Wall Street. You could say someone pushed that idea in front of a subway.

Enter Gamefly. They already have the costs of starting the game rental business covered. Video games costs $60 a pop, and the service already has the paying subscribers at a higher fee. Adding in movies incurs lower costs to start up. All the consoles are DVD or Blu-ray players, so Gamefly can market itself as the go-to spot for the summer gaming doldrums.

Gamers know that the drought hits around summer, and are left without new titles until the fall rush hits as studios rush their triple-A titles out for the fall season.

The beta for new movie rental program will include a limited number if subscribers, starting April 4. Customers with a 2-disc plan will be eligible for the beta, and a movie rental will count against their plan at no additional charge.

Who knows, could Gamefly be the next to move on original content? That would be a switch. Movies for gamers by gamers.


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