GameSpy and its owner Glu Mobile announced recently it will be closing its multiplayer servers on May 31. More than 800 publishers will be affected by the shutdown. Some, such as Rockstar, have been shifting its servers from GameSpy after the first shutdowns happened two years ago. Others such as Epic and Iron Galaxy Studios are busy working on solutions to the server shutdown.

EA had tweeted that it was “working on transitioning those games after the shutdown so you’ll still be able to play them.”


It looks like EA hit a bit of a snag. though. The publisher told IGN that the transition has not be an easy one and it will announce their fix “when there is news to share.”

What Battlefield games will be impacted by the shutdown? Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield” Bad Company 2.

EA has until the end of May to figure out servers for those three games. If June hits with no system in place, fans of older Battlefield games will not be able to play the three titles mentioned above.


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