Stuck with an electric pencil sharpener? Or the old school hand crank? YouTubers Mike and Lauren set out to go next level by powering a pencil sharpener with a nitro engine RC car. Why? Why the hell not?

A GIF tells the story:

A gas powered pencil sharpener

Ok, that’s a bit extreme, but I wish I were still in school. Talk about hilarious chewing through a pack of #2s. Or I can just install this in the home office. I don’t even use pencils, but who cares?

Pencil sharpener from mike and lauren

Mike freely admits the invention is nuts, but a fun build. He officially has the only high-performance pencil sharpener ever built. And the loudest. Who remembers being that kid during a test sounding like you were pulp wooding a damn forest?

Good times. Check out Mike and Lauren’s YouTube channel as they get set to take their show on the road with an RV and a towed wood shop.


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