I managed to watch a piece of the Escalation reveal in Gears of War 4 yesterday, and the multiplayer mode is shaping up nicely. We saw our first sneak peek of Escalation in Friday’s new multiplayer trailer. We didn’t see much at the time, but I did note selectable power weapons during pre-game.

Didn’t catch yesterday’s reveal? Here’s the general gist of what Escalation is about.

– Like most Gears of War multiplayer modes, Escalation is 5v5.

– Objectives center around rings. Think Annex.

– Score limit is 210 points, and the team with control of two rings gains points faster. I know, it pretty much sounds like Domination at this point.

– But with one big difference. The match ends once one team gains control of all three rings at once. One team could be down big, but it only takes one engagement going in their favor to grab all three rings and win the round. First to seven wins.

– Remember the selectable power weapons from last week’s trailer? The team that loses a round can pick which power weapons spawn in the next round and where. It adds another layer of strategy to the game. Do you pick the power weapon you want? Or, make sure the other team can’t get their favorite. Me? Give me Boomshot all day every day.

Gears of War 4 Escalation weapon placement

– There’s another way Escalation lives up to its name. Respawn timers increase by two seconds every round. While the initial rounds will be hectic, expect the action to slow down as respawn timers begin to approach 20 seconds. With three ring caps being an automatic win, matches will probably look more like Execution as matches hit the later rounds.

– There is a fixed loadout. In the match I watched, it was Lancer, Gnasher, Snub pistol.

I had a blast watching Escalation. Objective based modes always make the best viewing experiences. I know some die-hard Gears fans don’t want anything but Execution. Hey, I love Execution too – but watching it can get boring sometimes. No one wants to watch 10 players sit in cover looking at each other.

I want to see pushes and flanks, and there was plenty of that to go around in Escalation. Like most multiplayer games these days, The Coalition is trying to shape a strong competitive community. Modes like Escalation are a great start in that direction.

I love the idea of three caps for an instant win. It makes the entire match worth watching. You never know when one team might step up and pull out a win at the last second.

I can’t find the archived Twitch stream just yet. But here’s a YouTube capture showing off some of the matches.

Did you catch the Escalation reveal yesterday? What did you think?

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