Get ready video content creators. You can now track the view counts on videos you post to Facebook. The social media site is taking a page out of YouTube’s playbook and applying it to videos in the newsfeeds.

Video is becoming the go-to digital media, and Facebook is jumping in with both feet. Users have been able to upload videos to the service, and the growth rate has been staggering. Now users will be able to see basic analytics, and that means it’s time to split content between the platforms.

Facebook’s edge on video doesn’t come from view counts. It’s a quarter of what YouTube does. The advantage is mobile. Facebook built its video platform as mobile-first. YouTube? The company is struggling to transfer people from web to mobile.

“Video on Facebook was built to be mobile first, and now more than 65% of video views are on mobile,” Facebook product management director Fidji Simo says in a statement.

Also borrowing from YouTube’s UI, Facebook will display suggested videos after you view one. To show you the growth of video of Facebook, we can look at Beyonce. A video uploaded to her fan page generated 2.4 million views in a matter of hours. The count on YouTube? It measured in the thousands.

So, where does Facebook go from here? They have the growth. The company is offering simple analytics. Wall Street will start clamoring for video monetization. Facebook cracked the mobile advertising enigma, will it be willing to revenue share with content creators?

Facebook is setting itself up as a major challenger to YouTube. With access to a billion plus users, content creators will need to start incorporating Facebook video into their content strategy.

Read Facebook’s announcement here.


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