You hear that sound? It’s the sound of theater owners becoming increasingly worried. Netflix has secured the rights to the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel. The movie is from The Weinstein Company, who is also working on Netflix’s original series, Marco Polo.

The film will premiere both in IMAX and on Netflix on August 28, 2015. If you have seen the original Ang Lee film, you know it’s a visual spectacle. IMAX sounds like a good compromise to get some additional ticket sales.

What this does is start to shift the ground over what is the accepted norm in Hollywood. I think every consumer out there has been begging for silver screen releases they can enjoy immediately in their living room. Hell, if Netflix wants to go tier charges on new releases, I would be content with sitting at home, watching on my own big screen.

The release from Netflix hails the partnership. “Fans will have unprecedented choice in how they enjoy an amazing and memorable film that combines intense action and incredible beauty,” said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos. “We are honored to be working with Harvey Weinstein and a world-class team of creators to bring this epic story to people all over the world and to partner with IMAX, a brand that represents the highest quality of immersive entertainment, in the distribution of this film.”

“The moviegoing experience is evolving quickly and profoundly, and Netflix is unquestionably at the forefront of that movement,” said TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein. “We are tremendously excited to be continuing our great relationship with Netflix and bringing to fans all over the world the latest chapter in this amazing and intriguing story.”

Those curious about the sequel, Green Legend, received a quick look at the plot. “Green Legend echoes the themes of the original movie, but tells its own story — one of lost love, young love, a legendary sword and one last opportunity at redemption, set against breathtaking action in an epic martial arts battle between good and evil that will decide the fate of the Martial World.”

Get ready for a visual feast. This now tosses the ball back into the corner of Amazon Prime. The tit-for-tat gamesmanship by the two companies has been a boon for those of us that like our entertainment in binges.

Here’s hoping the original movie starts a trend among the competing streaming services.


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