Ghost of Tsushima PC

Yes, Ghost of Tsushima Legends Mode Will Require A PSN Sign-In On Steam

After announcing they were backtracking on requiring linking PSN accounts to continue playing Helldivers 2 on Steam, the next question is what happens with the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima?

Developer, Sucker Punch, jumped on Twitter/X at the height of the Helldivers 2 controversy to reiterate what parts of Ghost of Tsushima will require a PSN account. If all you want to do is play the single-player portion, no PSN account is required. However, the multiplayer mode, Legends, will require a PSN account. You’ll also need a PSN account to use the PlayStation overlay.

I should note that this update from Sucker Punch did come before PlayStation’s statement late last night where they said they would no longer require a PSN account for Helldivers 2. 

Will PlayStation back off on the requirement for all multiplayer games? If Helldivers 2 doesn’t need it, why would any PlayStation game? Sure, it makes sense to have it for the PlayStation overlay to work – but this weekend’s pushback from the Helldivers 2 community shows it’s not needed at all for multiplayer games. 

Also, why did PlayStation catch all this flak from PC players while other publishers like Xbox and Rockstar Games don’t? There are a couple of reasons.

First, Helldivers 2 only briefly required a PSN sign-in at launch – but was quickly scrapped to help stabilize servers. PC folks don’t like having requirements thrown at them after a game’s launch. But the pushback to linking a PSN account was galvanized once Helldivers 2 was removed from sale from 177 countries/territories that don’t have access to PSN. 

We’ll see what happens moving forward. I won’t be surprised by PlayStation’s decision either way, but if I were them, I would lean towards removing the PSN account requirement for multiplayer, period. I’ll update this article if PlayStation’s position changes across all their games.