Sony Exclusive Ghost of Tsushima Celebrates June 26th Release With New Trailer

With the current generation winding down, we finally have a concrete release date for one of PlayStation 4’s most anticipated games. Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is coming on June 26th. Today, we get a new story trailer alongside the release date.

I know new hardware is right around the corner, but the PS4 (more specifically, the PS4 Pro) still has at least one ‘holy shit’ moment left. 

Ghost of Tsushima tells the story of Jin Sakai, a samurai who will do anything to protect his home, even if that means turning his back on samurai ideals. The first Mongol invasion of Japan is the backdrop for Sony’s latest single-player, story-driven game.

Besides the impressive visuals, I’m pumped for a samurai game that doesn’t dive into the supernatural. I was hoping Ghost of Tsushima would stay grounded in the historical context of its late 13th-century setting, and all indications are it will.

The traditionally slower summer months won’t be slow for PlayStation. The Last of Us II hits May 29 and Ghost of Tsushima less than a month after. While I can’t wait to get my hands on both, I do wonder what Sony has up its sleeve for PS5 support for both games. We’ve seen Xbox’s Phil Spencer recently checking out Gears 5 ‘enhancements.’ I’m sure Sony is prepping similar upgrades for late-stage PS4 games. 

If special editions are your thing, Sucker Punch has you covered with a $169.99 version packed with a cloth map of the island of Tsushima, a Sakai mask and stand, plus other goodies.