Here’s A New Tease for Ghost Of Tsushima, More at TGA

During this morning’s State of Play, Sony gave us a brief, new glimpse at Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima. The meat of the cinematic isn’t even a minute long, but every new look at this game gets me even more pumped to play. Give it a watch below.

Sony has the whole single-player cinematic adventure game on lock, and I can’t wait to see what Sucker Punch delivers with Ghost of Tsushima. At the end, the trailer teases, “to be continued.” We’ll get the full trailer at The Game Awards on Thursday.

Hopefully, we’ll also finally hear when we can all get our hands on the PlayStation exclusive. We’ve been seeing bits and pieces of Ghost of Tsushima since it was first revealed just over two years ago. But Sony has been mum on when the game will hit PS4. With the PS5 slated to hit next holiday season, Ghost of Tsushima could be one of the last PlayStation exclusives to land on PS4.

We shall see what other info Sucker Punch has in store when The Game Awards kicks off on Thursday at 8:30 pm ET. Besides Ghost of Tsushima, we should see around ten new game announcements during Thursday’s awards show.