Ubisoft Shows How Immersive Mode Attempts to Fix Ghost Recon Breakpoint Woes

Most of us can agree that Ghost Recon Breakpoint was not the follow-up to Wildlands we wanted. Today, the developers plan to right the ship comes in the form of an immersive mode. Initially slated for a February release, it’s now coming on March 24. Let’s take a look at the trailer.

Immersive mode ditches the Gear Score in favor of a greater focus on survival and your gunplay skills. Whatever gun you end up finding can last throughout the entire game now. No more looking for an M4 with a slightly higher arbitrary number next to it.

But the immersive mode is more than stripping Gear Score. It dives headlong into a more realistic approach and lets you tweak it to how you want. Toggle options include:

1 or 2 primary weapons.

Ammo loss on reload.

Stamina level.

Health regeneration. 

Number of bandages. 

Whether you get wounded by every bullet.

Immersive mode also comes with new HUD settings to let you see as much or as little of the UI as you want. You’ll also only see story characters at the social hub when the immersive mode is active.

While the changes are significant between the new immersive mode and the way Breakpoint launched, Ubisoft isn’t splitting players into two camps. Everyone can play co-op together no matter what settings they use – whether it’s immersive, regular, or a mix of the two. 

Breakpoint’s new immersive mode looks more like how a follow-up to Wildlands should have launched. We’ll see how it plays later this month.