When plays just as big a role as how playing stealthily in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Thanks to a complete day/night cycle, you and three friends can take on the Santa Blanca Cartel all sorts of ways. In Ubisoft’s latest gameplay, four developers tackle a mission under cover of darkness and thunderstorms. Watch the Ghosts execute a mission to grab El Pozolero in 12 minutes.

Ubisoft showed the same mission in a much louder way at E3.

The stealth gameplay opens up with the four Ghosts heading towards the compound via helicopter. That helicopter is one of more than 60 vehicles you will use to make traversing Bolivia easier. Three Ghosts parachute out while the fourth lands the helicopter nearby.

The team sneaks up to a nearby Cartel checkpoint. One Ghost calls out shots to the rest of his team using the ‘sync shot’ ability. This same ability can be used if you tackle Ghost Recon solo. Your three AI Ghosts will get in position and execute simple orders you give them.

With the checkpoint eliminated, the Ghosts jump in the van and move forward. Members of the Cartel are used to seeing the truck make deliveries, so they let them pass. But not before the fourth Ghost providing overwatch snipes a guard in the tower. Yep, that’s badass.

The rest of the mission plays out with the four Ghosts sneaking through the compound to grab their target and creating a distraction on the way out.

The day/night cycle coupled with the realistic weather system shows how the same mission can play out different. Not only does this add a replayability aspect to Wildlands. It looks damn good too. Flashes of lightning as the team gets near the compound looks stunning.

I tempered my expectations for Wildlands after The Division came out, but it’s hard not to get excited with footage like this. Plus, it’s not like we have to empty entire clips into people. Or worry about loot systems.

Ghost Recon is the game I cut my teeth on in multiplayer. GRAW 1 and 2 were some of the best gaming days on the Xbox 360. Wildlands is looking like a worthy successor. I just want to see multiplayer already. We know it’s coming, but details are slim. Will Ubisoft adopt an open-world multiplayer, or stick to structured multiplayer with well-designed maps? I’m crossing my fingers for the latter.

If only Ghost Recon Wildlands was coming out this year. The next entry into the popular tactical shooter franchise is coming on March 7, 2017. If it’s anywhere near as good as Rainbow Six: Siege, we are in for a treat. I’m putting my money on it being a hit. Siege and For Honor (the bit I played during the beta) are fantastic. Even Watch Dogs 2 looks great. Ubisoft is returning to its former glory and bringing tactical shooters with it.

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