Ready to feel old? It has been 10 years since the first viral JibJab video. The presidential parody ‘This Land’ put viral brothers, Evan and Gregg Spiridellis, on the map. Now they are jumping from e-card making to the growing trend of GIFs.

If you been on any forum, comment area or viral news site, you’ve seen a GIF. Now JibJab wants to take that and put it in your pocket via JibJab Messages. Debuting about two weeks ago, the service gives the user templates to add their picture too. The GIFs can then be shared via text message, social media or email.

Oh, and to be sure your mug ends up on something hilarious, JibJab has the option for your friends to be able to access your saved faces. Let the digital hazing commence.

Using the app is simple, take a selfie and start browsing through the templates. The iOS app has a seemingly endless array of memes, movies, famous people and cultural icons.

To create the GIF, tap the image once to edit and two taps to save it to your photo library. Now we know why Apple introduced more storage space. Playing with this app will fill up a photostream in a hurry.

As for Android users? You’re going to have to wait a bit as usual. Apple’s iOS gets the first crack at the app and it can be downloaded on the App Store. So far, the messaging app has 5 stars, but the review count is low.

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