We have smart everything else in the home; it’s time the clock gets an upgrade. Thankfully, Glance Clock does this with minimalist style and not an overdone screen or the option to have confetti digitally fall across the face. Come on Apple. That was the feature you wanted to show off?

Glance launches in five days and promises to add a sense of style to your office while keeping you on task for your busy schedule. Time set aside for a Friday night of Dark Matter? It’ll notify you of that upcoming ‘meeting.’ Don’t judge. We all do it on our calendar apps.

Props to the Glance team for managing to secure the name. It’s perfect and keeps you up to date in our increasingly busy worlds. Notifications are handled on the clock’s face for upcoming appointments, weather, and it gives you a visual cue on when the call arrives that you’re going to ignore. Email people. Damn.

The notifications flash up for phone calls, incoming texts from all the popular messaging platforms. It’s not just a pretty face. The back doubles as a speaker you can set to have those notifications sent as alerts with sound.

Glance Clock Keeps You Focused

Any smart appliance can handle notifications. Glance takes it a step further by tying into your smart home and IoT devices. Nice to know when I left the door wide open. Living rural means it’s not strangers entering your house, it’s animals.

Glance also syncs with fitness trackers. I’m torn between if that’s a great idea or lazy shaming. Want those 10,000 steps? Now your clock is on getting you off the couch. Can’t a fella sit around and Netflix the day away? Can’t even look at the clock without it being passive aggressive towards me about moving around.

glance sart clock graphite

Specs at a Glance

With five days left until its crowdfunding launch, the company is offering a limited number at $99 – a 50% discount off the retail price of $199. The Indiegogo campaign price is set at $149 once the early-bird units run out.

It does have a battery, so while you won’t be winding it, it can hang on your wall for three-six months on a single charge. If you’re the obsessive type like me, the notification data and real-time updates will ease you towards the three-month range. You can plug it in via the micro-USB power cord. It conserves power by entering sleep mode when it detects no one is in the room. Looks like my cat will always know the weather.

glance smart clock features

Brightness is controlled via an ambient light sensor. Glance obviously knows that I cover up the cable box light to go to sleep.

It will have an app at launch for both iOS and Android. You’ll need it for first time setup and any adjustments you need to make.

The company has a great FAQ page. Here’s my favorite:

Is It Like A Tablet On The Wall?

Glance Clock is a well-designed wall clock with mechanical hands. It is also a glanceable display, but you don’t see anything while it’s switched off. The information appears on a clock face right when you need to pay attention to it.

Careful. Don’t tell Jony Ive you can hang an iPad on a wall. It will get that special milk bath which does something revolutionary…

Color choices for Glance are simple. Silver and Graphite are your options. It ensures it will look good in any room and saves the interior designed challenged from making a mistake.

Wait.. we already own a phone that does all this? Sure, but the idea is you can put the phone down and not check it every five minutes. Glance handles it for you and tells you time. You’ll live without the phone in your hands for a couple of hours.

I’ll update the post when the crowdfunding goes live, and I get a firm release date.

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