If you’ve heard the name Adaptalux before, you are thinking about the company’s fantastic Studio lighting product for macro photography. Why stop at macro photography lighting? The short answer is Adaptalux refuses to rest.

The long answer is GLOW. It’s the company’s first foray into the flashlight market, combining smart tech with a triple use flashlight, lamp, and lantern. One of my favorite features is the magnetic head. We all do it. Stumble around the kitchen at 3am looking for a snack and hip checking the kitchen island. Not a pleasant experience.

With GLOW, find any metallic surface and the magnetic head instantly locks into place on the oven, converting the flashlight into a lamp. Hey, snacks must be had.

GLOW lifestyle

GLOW Features

It would be a challenge to name any flashlight that comes with the features of GLOW. Brightness is rated between 600-1000 lumens. It has smart sensing technology, able to select flashlight, lamp or lantern mode immediately. There are nine modes to choose from. Included in the package is a rechargeable battery, wireless charging stand, the aforementioned magnetic head, color-changing LEDs, variable brightness, and it’s weatherproof.

Weatherproofing means it can stand up to rain and such. No video of it being frozen in a block of ice. Then again, if your flashlight is frozen in a block of ice, you have more significant issues at hand than chipping the ice away.

The smart sensing tech relies on the head of the GLOW flashlight. When it’s not facedown or connected via its magnetic head, it acts as a traditional flashlight. Put it head down on the table, and you instantly have a lamp.

Battery life is around 6-8 hours with two charging options. Opt for the custom wireless charging station or make use of the USB-C option charging GLOW in under two hours.

Nine modes are included for the GLOW. Let’s let the GIFs speak for themselves:


GLOW dynamic


GLOW Candle

Night Light:

GLOW nightlight


GLOW alarm mode


GLOW lava


GLOW lantern

Lamp Lock:

GLOW lamp lock

Flashlight Lock:

GLOW flashlight

GLOW Kickstarter

Starting today, the Kickstarter aims to raise $22,522 within 39 days. Judging its past Kickstarter performance, Adaptalux will more than surpass the goal. Currently, the timeline has GLOW units shipping to backers in April 2019. That’s a reasonably standard timeframe for Kickstarters from companies who deliver. Pricing is set at £75 or just under $100USD. Add in the wireless base option and the price hits £90 or $118. From there, the pricing goes up for those looking for multi-unit packs.

Adaptalux has the pedigree inside the Kickstarter world. They deliver on promises and GLOW stays within their wheelhouse of lighting options. Head over to the Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

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