Santiago Gutierrez, the creator of GoBone, is on a quest to make my two border collies even more nuts – I mean lovable. He’s the engineer behind the world’s first smart bone, a toy for everyone’s favorite mini-humans wrapped in fur.

It takes the standard chew toy and gives it a brain to entertain you and your dog(s). Yeah, he just made a cat laser for dogs. Anything to prevent my two fellas from attacking the vacuum cleaner with reckless abandon.

It’s a GoBone World

GoBone is simple. Toss a few treats in the wheels, tap the center of the bone and watch the monsters chase it throughout the house. Lightning seems intent on destroying my ACL when he chases the ball so watching him go nuts through the house? Should be fun.

Lighting and the gobone smart toy

Want to get in on the action? There’s an app for that. One mode is the GoBone Fetch. Remember the countless hours you spent on the Nintendo Wii? Same concept with the bowling motion except you are rolling the bone away.


Another mode is the Hide-and-Seek. Toss a few treats in the wheels and hide the device. Once it is found – about three seconds for Thunder – the GoBone will try to make an escape.

Sorry, Santiago. You haven’t met this dog. When you have to cough to cover the opening of a bag of chips, you know you have problems.

GoBone Specs and Design

The exterior of each GoBone is made from FDA-compliant materials making it safe for dogs to chew, toss around and Lightning’s attempt to puncture the wheels.

A modular design includes quick-release wheels with a tread pattern fit for both indoor and outdoor use. The shell covers the core of the GoBone tech, which includes integrated software to regularly engage your pet. Each bone is tailored to a particular breed and age of your dog.

Take my two. Lightning can go nonstop while Thunder takes a more measured – he’s retired – approach.

microsoft fetch app

Inside the GoBone app, you can opt for the different modes, along with taking full control from the couch. Yeah, you get to be lazy. In addition to messing with your dogs, the app can set up custom scheduling and put the smart bone in sleep mode.

It wouldn’t be an app without social. The team behind GoBone has baked in sharing for those that want to share images and video clips of their favorite moments. In addition to the sharing and control, the app will keep a daily activity log for owners to monitor their pet’s activity levels while away at work.

using the gobone app

Kickstarter Price

The campaign has met its funding goal of $60,000 with two weeks remaining. As of publication, GoBone has tallied nearly $100K and is looking at stretch goals. Delivery estimates put the GoBone in households around the world in December.

gobone kickstarter campaign

How much for terrorizing your pups? Nearly 60 units remain at $149 before jumping to $169.

At the $299 mark, you can get two GoBones – one for the house and the other for your local shelter. The company is pushing heavily in making sure shelters across the country have the opportunity to get a GoBone, and the $299 pledge tier is perfect for consumers who want to help a great cause.

Learn more about the development and potential future of the GoBone on the company’s campaign page.

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