God of War’s Kratos Gets a New Voice and It’s Epic

god of war kratos

Voice actors usually aren’t at the top of my list when it comes to video games. There are a few exceptions, though. Mark Hamill as the Joker in the Batman: Arkham series immediately comes to mind.

God of War will soon join that small list. I thought I recognized Kratos’ voice during the demo. Die hard Stargate SG-1 fans recognized it immediately. It’s Teal’c!

Teal'c indeed

It’s been too long my friend. Now all we need is Teal’c back on TV. TV execs have no problems bringing back MacGyver (seriously, what the hell are they thinking?) and Lethal Weapon. Bring back Stargate!

Check out the gameplay trailer again.

Judge sounds great.

He talks about assuming the role of Kratos in an interview yesterday. Judge talks about Kratos’ “struggle to accept a new role, to not be the same ole Kratos.” He goes on to talk about how “there’s so many places to go emotionally.” We saw glimpses of this during the gameplay walkthrough at Sony’s E3 conference.

It’s a great interview that gives us a glimpse of the new Kratos coming to God of War. This is still the same Kratos from the previous games, but we are going to see more range emotionally.

The old Kratos voice actor, TC Carson, jumped on Twitter to acknowledge it’s not him in the new God of War.

I love the small piece of Judge’s Kratos we’ve heard, but drop TC Carson a line and show your appreciation for creating the God of War.

I leave you with Teal’c saying ‘indeed’ for four minutes.

Have that sudden urge to binge Stargate SG-1? Amazon Prime is where you need to be.

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