Haven’t seen the trailer for Gods of Egypt? You’re in for a treat. We all have that one movie we know is terrible but can’t help but watch. Imagine yours and the trailer for Gods of Egypt is so much worse.

Unfortunately, that’s real. It’s not a prank gone horribly wrong. Instead, it’s exhibit A for why Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Coster-Waldauj need better agents. What the hell guys? Who read the script and thought ‘badass?’

Luckily, Collider noticed what others did. The Egyptian mythology looked familiar.

Stargate. Ready to feel old? The Roland Emmerich film is from 1996. ColliderVideos has mashed together Stargate and Gods of Egypt. It makes the latter look almost watchable.

How does a film from 1996 have CG on par with a film slated for 2016? Watch the official trailer again. I’m almost tempted to watch it because of how bad it looks. The Kingslayer needs to step up his game when it comes to selecting movies.

Gods of Egypt features Game of Thrones Kingslayer

Gerard Butler? Well, I like Olympus Has Fallen and 300. Even with their flaws, they were great popcorn movies.

I demand another Stargate TV show. Maybe a movie, but I’m scared after seeing the trailer.

$140 Million Budget

If you were watching the Gods of Egypt trailer, you’d make the honest mistake of thinking low-budget. Nope. $140 million from Lionsgate. Hmm, Gerard Butler and Game of Thrones dude don’t cost a lot.

The sets? Expensive but the horrible CG screws them up. The costumes? You could literally borrow from Syfy. Just ask for the Stargate SG-1 storage room. Throw some paint and polish on and call it a day.

Where did the $140 million go? Don’t dare say the CGI. No way. You can buy better templates for $50 online.

It may have been languishing in production for years, but damn. It shouldn’t look progressively worse. The story might be horrible, but it should at least looked polished.

Who knows, it might turn out to be a good time. One of those ‘why not’ movies. My question is who is the target demo for a horrible take on ancient Egyptian mythology? Ask audiences if they’ve heard of Horus and Set.

Those blank looks? Dead giveaway Lionsgate.


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