Gogoro CEO Horace Luke told The Verge, “By 2030, there’s going to be 41 megacities, the majority in the developing world.”

How do you tackle getting millions of people around in these cities? Gogoro believes they have the answer with their Smartscooter.

The Smartscooter tops out at around 60 mph and can go 0-30 in 4.2 seconds. You won’t plug the Scooter in either. It comes with two small, portable battery that you can swap out a battery-swapping stations. You can reserve a fresh battery at these stations or just pull up and put your nearly depleted one in. Once a battery is freshly charged it will pop out and you get back on the road.

Fully charged batteries get you about 100 km (about 62 miles). This scooter is definitely designed for the city. You won’t be heading out to the country with this sucker. At least, not unless you have a backpack full of batteries with you.

A complimentary app helps you find the nearest charging stations, reserve batteries, customize your dashboard, instant diagnostics and more.

Buying this scooter also includes a subscription plan that gives you access to the charging hubs. Pricing on this subscription plan and the scooter itself have not be announced yet.

The biggest obstacle for Gogoro is the market. Especially, in the U.S. Do people want an electric scooter they can’t charge at home? It’s only use would be for dense cities.

Plus, Gogoro’s charging network would need to be vast for the scooter to be worth it. Not to mention price.

I think it could be popular in some areas. Big cities in Asia immediately come to mind. Scooters are already popular there, plus an electric one would significantly cut back on emissions in those areas. Big cities in Europe and a handful in the U.S. could also be viable markets.

The Gogoro Smartscooter looks great, but there’s still some questions surrounding it. With a vast network of charging stations and a good price, I could see Gogoro making a splash with their scooter.

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