Have a drink and chill? That won’t make America great again. You’re tired of carrying around multiple bottles. Thermos for coffee. Water bottle. The errant 20oz soda that suddenly appeared in your hand. It happens…

There has a to be a better way. Golchi’s way? A better thermos with two drink containers and 15 features. It wouldn’t be a Kickstarter without a ‘Thanks, Obama’ moment and the company delivers.

I love infomercials. Dear lord, how the hell did I manage to carry eighty bottles around on a daily basis. Easy, you looked ridiculous.

And what’s up the name? Golchi? I must be weird or kick ass at word association. Either way, the name is a combination of ‘going’ and ‘chill.’ Easy Netflix people. Calm your dirty minds for two minutes. It means have a drink and chill.

Want to learn a new word? The logo is actually a design method known as an ambigram. Rotate it 180-degrees and it retains the same identity. Many sleepless nights were lost to making that work.

Golchi thermos

Let’s Get Modular

It’s a thermos you always wanted but didn’t want to pay Sharper Image for one that didn’t work. The Golchi is an insulated vacuum bottle that lets you carry two drinks simultaneously. Hot or cold. Both. One of each. Decisions people.

Add in the additional storage space for healthy snacks – cookies – and control the size of the drinking spout based on beverage – manners, lacking manners, and really? Jokes aside, the patent-pending ‘controlled flow mechanism’ will adjust for coffee drinkers all the way to water.

The modular system makes the Golchi four bottles in one. Can’t decide between coffee and mountain dew in the morning? Take both with the double-decker configuration. It also contains storage space for whatever you need to kick off your morning.

Decided you’re coffee only? The jumbo Golchi handles a single compartment bottle and dry storage. Don’t need the storage? A traditional setup will have you rocking a normal thermos.

Sharing is caring, right? Golchi agrees with the mini, allowing you to split it into two standalone bottles. Share the wealth.

Storage and Chill

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s what Golchi has in mind for dry storage.

Golchi snack storage

Glad to see I wasn’t the only one thinking how I could fit cookies into it.

Each lid has an easy selector to remind you what you have inside. Our inner ADHD is saved with the blue (cold) and red (hot) temperature markers.

Golchi Specs

Its insulation promises to keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours, and cold drinks cold for 24. Triple layer protection and a lock-anti-lock thread promise nothing leaks from either end.

You can go ahead and fill each end with whatever you want. The interior stainless steel promises no taste retention. Good news for those who like to mix-and-match various sodas and sports drinks.

Golchi tea infuser

While Golchi makes use of some plastic in the design, it is certified BPA free. And completely dishwasher safe.

Tea drinker? An optional tea infuser fits the built-in storage modules of the bottle. Forget the coffee and opt for a morning or afternoon tea.

Golchi Kickstarter

Initially, the funding goal was $30,000. Yeah, that was steamrolled in a hurry. Funding sits north of $200,000 with 26 days left in the campaign. Pricing stands at $39 for one Golchi or multi-packs starting at $74 for two.

styles of Golchi thermos

Need a bit of style? You can pick between the classic in six colors, the skyline design, nature and bold.

Learn more about the thermos that makes a Swiss Army knife jealous over at Golchi’s campaign page.

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