The Good Games Keep Rolling in January For Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass continues being one of the most ridiculous values in gaming. The folks at Xbox keep adding quality game after quality game. Earlier this month, it was GTA 5 for console Game Pass. Later this month, one of the best recent strategy games lands with Frostpunk.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the games announced today.

For Xbox:

January 9 – Frostpunk: Console Edition and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

January 16 – Tekken 7

For PC:

Coming soon: Frostpunk and FTL

With the sheer amount of quality games hitting the service, you might think Microsoft is burning through money to attract customers. But Phil Spencer told Stevivor recently that is not the case.

Spencer said, “I know some people — I’ve seen it — some people say, ‘Oh, they’re just kind of burning money left and right in order to gain customers so they can trick you into raising the price later.’

“There’s no model like that, for us,” he said. “We feel good in the business that we’re running now. We’re definitely investing in it, but not investing in a way that’s unsustainable.”

I don’t care how they do it; I’m just stoked about all the quality games I’ve been playing lately. DMC 5, Outer Worlds, Outer Wilds, Age of Empires, and a whole lot more. Keep all the good games coming, Phil.

The next big exclusive hitting Xbox Game Pass is Ori and The Will of the Wisps on February 11. After that, it’ll be me anxiously awaiting a release date for Microsoft Flight Simulator.