Oh yes, Liam Neeson is back. And he’s taking on the world in Taken 3. Who’s being taken? No one. They killed his wife. You just thought kidnapping his wife or daughter would piss him off. Kill Lenny? Yeah, all bets are off.

The Taken 3 trailer starts with Liam Neeson and his wife (she might still be his ex) talking about their daughter Kim. Fast forward to him finding Lenny dead in their bedroom. The cops show up, and he’s maintaining his innocence. As they are about to handcuff him, he goes full Liam Neeson and takes both the cops out.

Forest Whitaker stars in third part of the trilogy, heading up the FBI taskforce to catch him. He goes over the service record of Bryan Mills, talking about his expertise in explosives and as a sniper. Oh, and it looks like Bryan is used to handling a defibrillator.

Probably one of the cooler scenes is the Porsche taking out the landing gear of the private jet. Over the top? Yep, but it’s glorious.

Neeson’s character Mills goes action-movie crazy trying to protect his daughter. Whitaker ends the trailer saying that whole United States security apparatus will be brought to stop him.

Liam’s response? Good luck. Absolutely love it, and can’t wait to see this in theaters. Check out the trailer below along with the theatrical posters. It hits theaters January 9.

taken 3 poster

taken 3 international poster


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