Ok Google, Let’s Build a Campus. New Plans Look Interesting
google campus mountain view

So, Google Glass may not have lived up to its billing, but if these renderings are any indication, the design aesthetics have not been lost for a new Google campus. Who needs modern office buildings when you can have big ass glass ‘canopies.’ You know, they better be glad they are located in Mountain View, CA and not the Midwest. This looks like a tornado’s dream target.

google campus

The idea, as reported by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, is to swing away from traditional architecture. I, for one, applaud the move. It’s about time the United States goes into the realm of crazy in architecture. The renderings look amazing, and the campus is giant.

Along with the canopies comes a modular approach. Everything can be reconfigured in a matter of hours. Now, sell that service to the masses. It takes me hours to rearrange my living room, much less a building.

Google explains the idea via their blog.

Instead of constructing immoveable concrete buildings, we’ll create lightweight block-like structures which can be moved around easily as we invest in new product areas. (Our self-driving car team, for example, has very different needs when it comes to office space from our Search engineers.) Large translucent canopies will cover each site, controlling the climate inside yet letting in light and air.

It’s probably easier to let your blogger just say we have the money, so why not?

Aside from making the campus modular, Google is looking at replacing the sprawling parking lots with more green spaces. Parking will move to underground structures, hiding what is the uglier side of a sprawling campus.

Before the green activists go nuts with Google building more office space, they are not building in additional areas of Mountain View. Instead, four sites have been selected for redevelopment. Existing buildings will be replaced, and the square-footage available will jump to 3.4 million. It’s definitely not an office you want to leave a folder on one side and be at the other.

So, you’re probably wondering the timeline on this. First it has to get regulatory approval. That will be a bit of a battle as LinkedIn also has plans in the works. Mountain View will have to balance their limited development rights with the wants of two companies. The city doesn’t want to push LinkedIn out, so expect a compromise here.

Also, just because we see awesome looking renders does not equal a final product. Just ask videogame fans about the promise of renders.

Still an amazing concept, and the technology behind the modular aspect is sure to impress.

Check out the video explaining the campus plans below and a few more renders.

google campus design

google campus 3

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