Google Chrome Feels the Need for Speed
Google Chrome to use brotli compression engine

Tired of the slow loading websites on Google Chrome? Damn good news. A new Chrome update will take advantage of brotli, a compression algorithm Google introduced last September.

How much faster? Up to 26 percent better compression on data over the current zopfli compression engine. Sounds great, but when? According to Ilya Grigorik, Brotli is ready to roll out now.

For Chrome users, expect to see the performance increase in the next update. It’s not just desktop users getting the speed. Mobile Chrome will also see a significant uptick in performance.

Brotli is promised to deliver on “lower data transfer fees and reduced battery use.” My iPhone thanks you. Wait, was I supposed to admit I never use Safari for iOS?

Brotli compression engine in next Google Chrome update

Google is hoping the new compression engine will make its way into other browsers besides Chrome. Firefox has already confirmed the integration of Brotli into a future update.

The timeline for Firefox is an unknown outside of a confirmation it will be in a future update. I doubt it will appear in the next as Google hasn’t rolled it out for Chrome yet. Expect it soon.

Brotli in Google Chrome and Firefox

The emergence of brotli happened back in 2013 when it was designed for offline compression web fonts. Google’s September 2015 release enhanced the generic lossless data compression.

Firefox has content encoding for HTTPS in the developer edition of Firefox 44.


Brotli uses a predefined dictionary of 13,000+ strings to warm up its internal state. The strings are commonly used words and phrases found in HTML and text documents.

Did you know? Like Google Chrome’s current zopfli, brotli is named after a Swiss pastry from Baden, Switzerland.

Thanks, Google. Faster load times and now I’m hungry.

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