Google’s transition into Skynet continues. Yesterday, Google announced a new initiative to develop and build processors for its Quantum Artificial Intelligence group. John Martinis and his team from the University of California at Santa Barbara will team up with Google for the initiative.

Google praised Martinis and his team in a blog post announcing the initiative. “John and his group have made great strides in building superconducting quantum electronic components of very high fidelity,” Hartmut Neven, Director of Engineering, writes.

This new initiative doesn’t mean Google is ditching its other collaborations. “We will continue to collaborate with D-Wave scientists and to experiment with the “Vesuvius” machine at NASA Ames which will be upgraded to a 1000 qubit “Washington” processor.”

While they may not be abandoning these other projects, it’s clear Google wants a more in-house approach.

“With an integrated hardware group, the Quantum AI team will now be able to implement and test new designs,” Neven writes.

Quantum computers have long been talked about being the next big step in computing. The biggest tech companies are putting their weight behind the promising tech. Google’s push into quantum computing comes as the tech giant positions itself to lead the artificial intelligence sector. Microsoft has its own group dedicated to quantum computing as well.

I just hope quantum computing doesn’t become the flying car of decades past.


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