Hello? Google Technical Support? Company Pilots System
google customer support

Technical support the Google way. I’m not sure if I should be horrified or dancing in the streets. Regardless, I just figured out this thing wasn’t plugged in. Don’t judge me. It looks good with the plastic wrapper still on.

With a lack of brick and mortar stores, Google is looking for a way to emulate the Apple Genius Bar. It’s answer? Free online chats. Think the Google Hangouts but geared towards your Google-powered device, We got it, you want people to use Google Plus.

Online transactions are becoming a bigger slice of the economy, and consumers are demanding better online customer service. Yeah, looking at you Comcast.

Google has been building out the program since late last year, as an added app in the Google Play store that has access to video help from ‘Google Experts.’ It hasn’t been finalized, and the company is quick to slap a beta tag on just about anything.

Techcrunch reported on the ‘limited trial’ with Google’s intent to see how customers respond to it. “Google is also planning to go into retail stores with a virtual help desk to enhance the shopping experience.”

Look, if it works and keeps me from having to go to Best Buy, point me to the signup sheet. This plays directly into my introversion to in-store support kiosks. The system is reminiscent of the Mayday service launched by Amazon. The system helped Kindle customers with everything from technical support to wishing people happy birthday.

Expansion plans for the service include pushing the timeframe in the United States from 6am PT to 6pm PT. Clicking a button at the top right of the screen will connect the user with a device expert. This team will help in any purchase questions and support for the device.

While it’s labeled ‘limited trial’ it’s hard to see this not making it into Google’s stable of products. Outside of smartphones and chromebooks, this would be fantastic for Nest.

It gives Google additional brand loyalty by having a face for its catalog of products, Something it desperately needs.

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