Google is promising some much-needed improvements to the contact system on Google Glass. 20 of your favorite contacts are now just a voice command away. The others? An easy swipe will get you to them.

Google also listened to Glass users’ suggestions for easier ways to choose how to message people. “Explorers have been telling us that when they choose a contact from Glass they’d also like the option to choose how they message them,” Glass Team member Joel K. writes in a blog post. Now, you’ll be able to switch between Hangouts, email or SMS after tapping on one of your contacts.

Android users can get their hands on the latest update right now. For iOS owners, you’ll have to wait for the latest MyGlass app. That should release some time in the next couple weeks.

Contacts wasn’t the only thing getting some attention from Google in the most recent update. Some new features are kinda silly such as a head nudge for cutting off Google Glass. Others are handy such as a currency converter and Google Now’s nearby events cards. These cards will show you any events going on near you including festivals, concerts, etc.

Glass also gets several new voice commands during phone calls and after using the camera for video or pictures.

Now all we need is a release date and a price point. Google Glass sits at $1500 right now for its explorer edition. They need to chop off about a grand at release if they want to see substantial sales.


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