Shootarounds and pre-game warm-ups are about to take on a new meaning for the NBA. The Sacramento Kings have received 10 pairs of Google Glass to record their perspective for the fans. The video will be broadcast through the CrowdOptic app, and fans will have control over which feed they want to watch.

For now, the players do not plan to wear Glass during actual games. The technology will give the fan a more in-depth look at what happens during game day. You can expect shootaround and warm ups to become a mini dunk contest with some of the players. That will give the NBA fan a first person look at trick shots and dunks.

You have to wonder how long it will be until Google manages to convince a team to wear them during a game. That would open up a new level of interactivity between the player and fan. So far, the Kings have used Google Glass on two game days, broadcasting the feeds onto the arena’s JumboTron.

King’s player Jason Thompson talked about the inclusion of Google Glass. “This is a new century,” Thompson said. “It’s 2014, and this is definitely the future, not just of basketball, but of the world.”

If the experiment goes well, expect the NBA commissioner and players association to sit down for talks to include it in a game or two in the near future. I’m sure ESPN would love to tout that on their app. Follow Lebron on the court? Yeah, that’s a ratings driver. Or, if you’re not a Lebron fan, at least you would get an up close look at those flops.

For now, Google Glass is relegated to the Sacramento Kings. Google should get the devices in the hands of Golden State. Watching Steph Curry’s shootaround from his point of view would instantly give it more appeal for the fans.


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