It looks like Google is gearing up for a run into gaming space. Much has been made about Amazon’s recent acquisitions and its desire to build a set-top box with a focus on gaming.

Google’s is now doing the same. According to PandoDaily, Google has acquired gaming company Green Throttle.

Green Throttle is known for its Green Throttle controller. The controller allowed users to play games on Android smartphones and tablets. Green Throttle’s controller is driven by software unlike other Android-gaming devices such as the GameStick.

It’s an interesting acquisition for Google. Green Throttle recently took its Arena app down from the Amazon Appstore and Google Play. At the time, Green Throttle said it was moving away from the games market.

“Stick around and we’ll keep you posted on the evolution of Green Throttle,” The Green Throttle Team said in a post late last year.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Details on a potential set-top box with a gaming focus have been slim. Amazon appears to be making a bigger push with it as they are buying up game developers. It doesn’t look like the two tech giants are trying to take Microsoft and Sony on.

Gaming looks to be a secondary focus as they try to push their respective ecosystems to the big screen.


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