Google is wasting no time in throwing itself into the home automation vertical. It started earlier this year with the Nest acquisition. Everyone wants the extremely well designed Nest Thermostat. The Nest Protector? Well, it has been beset by recalls. All technology has it’s growing pains, and some of the features presented a hazard in times of a fire.

Where else is Google looking to make an impact? Well, the letter last week to the SEC in which it wanted to redefine mobile. It was a long-winded way of saying the company wants Google Adwords to start popping up everywhere. Weight-loss ads on your fridge. Car dashboard ads. Google Glass.

You name it, Google wants to monetize it. Facebook may be making the leap into VR, but Google seems content with remaining grounded. What is the next logical step in Google’s home automation acquisition spree?

According to The Information, Google has some level of interest in Dropcam. There has yet to be a confirmation if the talks are preliminary or if they are even ongoing. The theory does make sense with Dropcam garnering more market share of the home security. The recently unveiled Dropcam Tabs also allow users to track activity throughout their house using low-energy Bluetooth connectivity.

So, the company is rapidly innovating, making it an attractive acquisition target.

For now, everything is in ‘rumor stage’. We will let you know if there is confirmation on the Dropcam talks, one way or the other. It seems the battlefield for tech business is quickly shifting to your house. Those promises of a smart home look to finally becoming true with tech titans jumping into the fray.

Now, if they can just give us a self-cleaning kitchen. Hey, we can hope.


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