Earlier in the year, reports swirled that Google was in talks to purchase Twitch for $1 billion. There was never solid confirmation of these reports. Today, VentureBeat is reporting Google has purchased Twitch for $1 billion based off their sources. VentureBeat has a solid track record when it comes to acquisition news.

Details of the deal are scarce though. No word on when the deal will be announced or the exact terms of the acquisition.

There’s a ton of questions surrounding this acquisition that Google will need to address. Most Twitch users and streamers are most concerned about Content ID and Google+ integration. First, Google’s isn’t going to just start implementing features right away. You’ll probably hear Google say how they’ll let Twitch run independently but support them on an infrastructure level.

As for Google+ integration, Google has been bending a lot when it comes to disliked features of its social network recently. The real-name requirement was dropped earlier this month.

Twitch has a lot to gain from a Google acquisition. The streaming website has seen monumental growth in recent years and could stand some additional infrastructure support. Getting rid of the awful delay on streams would be nice.

Google has the chance to dive into a sector that still has plenty of room to grow. Video-game streaming has only gotten bigger as the barrier of entry has lowered. Gamers can stream directly off their Xbox One or PS4 now, instead of a pricy PC setup.

There’s also the chance Google could screw it all up. But, I don’t think Google would drop $1 billion just to alienate a user base and push content creators away.


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