It’s been a year in the making, but GoPro officially unwrapped the details of its developer program. Get ready for plenty of apps, products and more apps. And that is killer timing to coincide with the poaching of Apple industrial designer, Danny Coster, to be VP of design at the company.

Showcasing 100 companies on board with the program, GoPro wants us to dust off the action cameras we have in drawers and put them to work.

“Since the launch of the HD Hero back in 2009, we’ve thought of a GoPro as something more than a camera,” said Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro, at the launch event. “We’ve thought of it as the world’s most versatile capture module.

The biggest name at the event had to be BMW. In its M-laptimer app, GoPro users can overlay telemetry data – speed, location, etc. – onto the recorded footage. Available this summer, the app will also offer live replays of your best laps.

Ok, that’s already baked into a variety of competitor action cameras. Granted, none has GoPro’s branding, but it’s playing catch up in the market.

GoPro and third party developers

Another upcoming third-party peripheral for GoPro is the Xensr. Like the name it implies, it is a small sensor the user wears while doing a variety of insane activities. It measures altitude, jump height, speed and other data. Where it departs from the competition is in editing.

We can all agree editing GoPro footage is a pain in the ass on a good day. Xensr takes the data and edits it into a 15 or 30-second highlight reel via a dedicated app. Who wants to bet the 15 or 30-second highlight reel quickly expands to sixty seconds. Instagram is already rolling out the feature to users.

In total, the developer program encompasses three tiers – apps, mounts and devices. The device tier is the one to watch for innovation.

Products like the Xensr that work in conjunction with the GoPro to both overlay data and work as an editing bridge could bring fans back into the fold. We’ll see where GoPro heads from here.

2016’s first quarter as been a roller coaster for the company. Layoffs and lackluster earnings plagued the first part, while news of the Apple hire, promised VR rig and other news have buoyed the company and Wall Street’s hopes.

Me? I want to see the Karma. Yeah, it’ll probably hit around the GoPro Mountain Games, but come on, GoPro. Ride the wave of positive press and wow us with the drone.

Head over the company’s developer page for more information on the program and to apply. For the Developer tier, it’s $99/year, while Premium Developers will have to shell out $999/year.

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