gopro hero10 black bones

GoPro is making life easier for FPV pilots today with the release of the Hero10 Black Bones, a stripped-down version of the current GoPro Hero10 designed for FPV drone use. The company has seen the rise in the segment’s popularity, and pilots are already DIY-ing the process of cutting down GoPros to improve weight and aerodynamics. 

The company took this and decided to make a product with the work done for the FPV crowd. For $399 (sub required), you can get the Bones of a Hero10 in a nice-looking package. Gone are the screens, battery, speakers, etc. If you don’t need it for video, it’s gone and packaged back into a sleek-looking case. With all the extras off, the weight savings are extreme. The Hero10 Black Bones weighs 54 grams, which is even lighter than the old GoPro Session, which tipped the scales at 74 grams. 

All the video features remain with the camera, including the electronic image stabilization – HyperSmooth. 

gopro hero10 black bones

What’s the catch? It’s the first GoPro that will involve soldering. This is an attempt by the company to capture an enthusiast market segment and pushback on DJI’s encroachment in the FPV world with its own action camera, FPV drone, and FPV goggle setup. GoPro’s are still what most pilots use, and after the disastrous Karma failure, the Bones launch is a solid way for GoPro to tackle the market in incremental steps. 

Check out the GoPro Hero10 Black Bones over at For now, it will be the only spot to purchase the new product with zero word on retail availability in the near term.

Image Credit: GoPro

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