Will go out on a limb and say this is not the press GoPro is looking for as relaunches the Karma drone. On Sunday, somehow a 2-pound drone smashed through the 27th-floor window and landed just feet from the 67-year-old resident.

Nice building codes New York City. Surely windows should able to take a hit from a runaway plastic drone. If not, pray NYC never has an Oklahoma-style hailstorm. Good news is no one was hurt, and if the owner registered with the FAA – required – tracking the person down will be a breeze. Police are also checking the serial number to trace where it was purchased from.

Not to pile on GoPro’s woes, but at least it stayed in the air. Whoever owned the Karma better have a really good explanation or proof the craft was a runaway.

GoPro Karma Case

What it means for Drone Enthusiasts?

Follow the FAA guidelines. If you want to fly the city routes, pass the commercial test and get permission. Don’t just order a drone and think the sky is yours. It’s not, and the bad actors are ruining the fun for everyone else.

The drone industry is pushing back on the sensationalized stories of small drones being caught in near misses with commercial aircraft. There are some problems, but many of the stories you hear on the news turn out to be incorrect. And if they correct the record, the damage is already done.

If you’re new to the scene, I cannot recommend enough you educate yourself on flying. The FAA is a good starting point, and then you can get lost down the rabbit hole of forums, Facebook groups and more.

The more responsible we fly, the better for all those involved.

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