It’s not exactly a state secret, but GoPro is quickly approaching the announcement and release of the GoPro Hero8 and the GoPro Max. The Hero8 is essentially a known quantity. GoPro isn’t about to take the release of the Osmo Action lying down

The new item will be the GoPro Max, which just secured its trademark. We can consider it the spiritual successor of the GoPro Fusion, which was an Action Camera for 360-degree images. 

GoPro Max Leaks and Specs

Essentially every angle of the GoPro Max has leaked thanks to various regulatory agencies not caring about product launches. 

gopro max
gopromax three-quarter view

As for features? 4K video is obvious and should hit frame rates above 60fps. We shall see with the new rumor having 2.7K video capable of 120fps. That’s a bit of a letdown but considering its the Max, it would make sense for GoPro to leave the highest specs for video on the Hero8 versus a new fusion-hybrid. 

Battery life is expected to be the same at 1220mAh, so not much changing there. It all comes down to the final image specs and the potential for a front-facing screen. The announcement is expected sometime in September with a release in time for the holidays.

GoPro Hero8 Black Rumors

Why have one action camera announcement when you can have two? Rumors have GoPro stacking the back half of September with plenty of hardware. The Hero8 Black is expected to sport a new design housing including new accessories such as a microphone, an LED light, and a screen. 

gopro hero8

GoPro’s GP2 chip is another spec rumors are pointing to along with 4K video at 120fps and 1080p at 480fps. That’s one way to respond to the Osmo Action. Along the same lines as the video specs is an improved lens and image quality, but sticking with a 12-megapixel sensor. It’s unclear if it will be the same from the Hero7 or a newly developed sensor for the Hero8. The improved image quality can be handled via software, so a hardware bump isn’t necessary for that department, though none of us would complain. 

Pricing is unclear, but it’s tough to see it matching the $299 Osmo Action. GoPro could easily get away with $399 for the type of specs rumored. If the company wants to swipe at DJI, targeting the $350 range would be compelling. Luckily, we shouldn’t have much longer to wait. Both the GoPro Hero8 and Max should launch in late September.

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