The headlong dive into wearable technology continues with FitBit preparing to enter the smart watch vertical. In materials leaked to The Verge, the company shows off a device being billed as a ‘fitness superwatch’. FitBit has the street cred with the fitness community, so discounting their entrance would probably be a mistake.

Plus, we don’t actually have legitimate details on Apple’s offering. A ‘starting at price’ doesn’t answer anything, and battery life is sure to be a concern. With the Surge, FitBit is aiming to tackle the fitness smart watch market head-on.

The device is on the large side, but FitBit maintains you can wear it 24/7. It will come with sleep monitoring and silent alarm functions.

Pricing for the device will be in the $249 range and features built-in GPS for those times you get lost at the smoothie counter instead of finding the treadmill. FitBit’s PurePulse heart-rate monitoring, active minutes, floor climbs and steps taken are included.

For those looking for a fake self-confidence boost, you can shake the thing around to register the steps. Damn, I walked 2 miles while watching Walking Dead? Yeah, I’m good like that.

All the data will be synced to your FitBit app, so you can keep track of all your goals and steps in one spot. In addition to the Surge, the FitBit Charge was leaked earlier this month. It’s a redesign of the Force after it was removed from the market after customers complained of skin irritation.

For now, no release dates have been announced, but expectations are that we will get a date sometime this week or next. It seems companies are rushing to get in front of the Apple Watch release. Hard to blame companies after seeing the iPhone orders.


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