Can you reinvent a mainstay of kitchens across East Asia and the world for over 4,000 years?

Gravity Chopsticks wants to be the answer to the problem voiced by users spanning the globe. We want to eat with chopsticks and keep them clean. Dang and Niki Tran have come up with a simple, yet elegant solution.

Use gravity to elevate the tips of the chopsticks off the table. No more separate tests. Zero rolling around when you inevitably want to put them down and snap a picture of whatever you’re eating. Yeah, looking at all you foodie Instagrammers out there.

eating with gravity chopsticks

Redefining Chopsticks

Currently in pre-order, Gravity Chopsticks take advantage of the latest technology for an ancient utensil. All the materials used are food-grade, down to the wood finish on both the maple and walnut versions.

The team opted for electroless nickel plating for the aluminum ends for durability and corrosion resistance. Each pair of chopsticks elevates no matter what side you place it down.

Sanitation was essential in the design and development at Gravity. Once you place the aluminum end down, gravity goes to work and elevates the wood tip off the eating surface.

Maple and Walnut gravity chopsticks models

Perfect for at home or your favorite restaurant. And it wouldn’t be right if they were damn nice to look at. Gone are the days of the cheap chopsticks you unwrap and toss after each meal. Gravity wanted a pair that would get people talking.

Mission accomplished. The San Diego-based company is taking orders now and expects to ship in August after a successful Kickstarter campaign. You can choose between maple or walnut at $29.95 per pair or opt for the family set (4) priced at $109.95.

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